Get Involved


A Sunday service of worship, teaching and ministry involving many members of our congregation. Online worship is broadcast live simultaneously. Children’s messages will be delivered so that of all ages can worship together.


Children are the future of society, as well as the future of the church! We are committed to prospering children's evangelical ministry. We invited Dr Viola Suk-yu Chan, a lecturer at the Christian International Training Centre (CITC), to become our children's ministry advisor.


Children are the future of the church; adults are the present of the church! Through various activities in the fellowship, brothers and sisters can learn the truth and how we are for one another in Christ.

University Students

Edinburgh is a famous city in education, and tens of thousands of international students study here every year. These young people come with dreams; they are usually open-minded, easy to accept the gospel, and willing to learn from each other in the fellowship.


We are committed to cultivating holistic Christians, promoting physical and spiritual health through various activities, and developing relationships between brothers and sisters.

Bible Class

The truth of the Bible is an indicator of how we behave! We live out the life of Christ and become disciples of Christ by studying the truths of the Bible!